10 thrifting tips from a thrift queen.

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I remember my first real thrift trip. Before, I looked at those piles of clothes and skirted to the old electronic and book sections, oblivious of the golden threads that were in my near distance. My thrift interest started after graduating high school. I was going to college and after years of questionable style choices (really bad flowery button ups in 7 and 8th grade), my lack of appeal in department store items and the lack of dollar bills, I said why not. I went to goodwill ready to see what this thing was about. I pulled those open, only to be denied because I stupidly ignored the push decal. The color was red and every red tag was on sale. I spent hours scrolling through plastic hangers and stumbling across hidden gold. Each item had story, an owner and now a new beginning. With each slide the rack, I found my heart steadily racing and the enticed by each found item. Through thrifting, I think I’ve found me and items that make me feel good, at very affortable prices.


Time– Thrifting is about patience. This comes in the form of taking the time to go through almost every rack and find things that suite you. Go on a day where you’re abundant in it. Unless you have a small thrift store, 1 hour isn’t enough.  A 2-4 hour thrift trip is perfect

Eat, pee, carry water  and a snack.- You’re going be there for a while, so make sure you handle your business. Eat a full meal before, pee , and carry some water and snacks.   A hungry thrifter is no bueno.


Wear comfy shoes– There’s going be standing, a lot of it so please don’t wear 10 inch stilettos to this affair that would be brutal. Converses and your fav comfy kicks are the way to go.


Go early– Most of the time, after ton of people go through the racks, it’ a mess. Going early decreases that midday mess you find ,so you can efficiently go through things.

Check , check , check and check again.Holes and stains. Nothing’s more disappointing then going home with a perfect item and then finding out there’s a big cheeky yellow stain somewhere. It’s sad, very sad, so check everything. Look at the armpit, crotch , everything.

Never pay full price-So, go on half off days and score major deals

Sign up-Sign for store cards, download the apps, so you know when the sales are. The night before I went thrifting for the things above, I was notified with an alert, so I prepared.

Try something new- With the great prices, try something out of your comfort zone zone. You might like it or it might be a total fail, but it was super affordable.

Check out the book aisle- This is the end to all my trips. So, go do it. There are  so many great book that people just donate and they’re super current. My favorite finds have been Kite Runner, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and A Handmaid’s tale.

Check out the men’s and kid’s racks.Well almost. For me, if I see whole rack of baby clothes, I know I’m not going to need that, but the men’s isle and other children isle are great for finding basic/ graphic tees and clothes that may be too big, which means they could be used for great diys.


Go alone !!!!– Thrifting with others stresses me out, some get impatient, others are bored, so leave those people at home and go by yourself. You can be patient and just enjoy the hunt.