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Ask and you shall receive. For the past month or so that word has been slipping into my life. Whether it’s a twist of the radio, with Drake speaking of his manifest to my soul or Jim Carrey telling us to find our dreams, the movements is session.From left  and right, we now are putting a large emphasis  on  manifesting. our real goals.  Going back to Jim Carrey, while watching watchmojo, he said something that somehow resonated with me.They were these words.”So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the universe for it. I’m saying, I’m the proof that you can ask the universe for it — please! (applause) And if it doesn’t happen for you right away, it’s only because the universe is so busy fulfilling my order, it’s party sized.” This quote proceed me to run to my laptop and write this post.There are moments we  use the word can’t, ALOT. But usually from personal assessment, it’s because of the internal fears that drives us to believe that something is beyond our reach, so why try .I have found myself in that mindset quite a bit. Why me?  In words of queen Mindy, “Why not me.” . That’s going to be my new matra. In the grand scope of things, I mope at the possibles that  seem beyond my finger tips , but what if they’re not.

As time goes by

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For as long as I could remember, I recall the ages of 6-8 lasting a really long time. To a naïve little girl like me, this meant a year felt like a decade. These times were spent , riding bikes in the island, eating good food , contemplating when I would be a full on adult and get to do  adult things like wear a bra and grow things called boobs. Every time I recall those thoughts, I’m tempted to step into my imaginary time machine and shake some sense into my 7 year old self because being an adult is not fun. At twenty, this comes with perfect timing because last year I began to grasp just how much time is flying by. Like all famous dead or currently living people have stated, “Time is money”. Maybe not physical money, but it’s a precious thing. When you runout, there is not store, which you go to refill it. You’re done. Yesterday, I was doing the usual Sunday scroll through, when one of my post cards showed up. Long story short about almost a year ago ish, in march, I sent three postcards in and 2/3 have been featured (Go check out post secrets and see if you can find it.)But  this new awakening in the speed of time, woke me up into really investing my time into things that will benefit me  in the long run. This means not wasting time on law and order marathons for 4 hours on a Saturday, or just by doing nothing. Instead, I’m going to take this time I’ve been given to learn and just focus on pursuing things that make me feel content. In addition, I also want get uncomfortable and do a couple things that may scare me, but will promote personal growth. In the end, it’s just one life I’ve been given and I refuse to waste it and just give it my all


My 2017 to do list

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I know, I’m almost two weeks late with this post, but the year is still young. I have this tradition, where in the last week of the year, I write myself a letter about my silly aspirations for the new year. In accordance with that, I do another journal reflecting the current year. I’ve been so lazy with journaling, so I wrote half of each letter. I Know I’m mess, but I did end up doing a 2017 to do list in my little pocket journal. Let’s get listing. Feel free to share some of your 2017 goals.

1.Get an industrial piercing✔ (completed)

I made up my mind about this around Christmas, for absolutely not reason. But mainly, I wanted 2017 to be the live like you’re dying tomorrow year for me, because hey that could happen. Why not. I didn’t even know the name of this, I’ve only ever seen it in an upper classman’s ear three or four years ago and my thoughts were “Ehh, why would she do that to her ears”. Little did I know. I’m getting it done on monday , so wish me luck.


2.Launch my blog and be persistent ✔

I started my first blog in my seconds semester english class.Six semesters in now and , I’m slacking. My first posts did so good and I wanted more of this blogging thing. Now, I’m back at it again and I’m here to be consistent.

3.Relearn html and css

Ugghh, lets not talk about this. I had fun learning these guys and have not really used the info much, but in the future I have a feeling they will come in handy. Code academy here I come.


4.Do five sewing projects

Yeah, I sew. Poorly that is.I started two summers ago and I’ve been slacking ever since that armholess shirt.My goal is to take a try  5 projects and see what happens.Ok, I lied. When I wrote this on paper I said 10, obviously, I was in quite a confident mood, but no just five.


  1. Find  the perfect red lipstick ✔

Being a chocolate human, the red lipstick game is hard. Nothing is ever red enough or they fail to compliment my skin tone. So, I’ve done some research and decided to get ……., as my signature red. You thought. It’s gonna be my end of spring semester treat, if I conquer this semester.And yes,  I will give you the reveal in may.*Chuckles evilly.*


  1. Read 24 books

I almost made it to twelve in 2016, but this year I’m going for 24. I’m currently reading The Silkworm, which will be followed by the Namesake. Stay tuned for my 2 books a month review posts.


7.Try Thai and or Indian food

I’ve been eying this famous Thai restaurant oh so near my town, but it just hasn’t happened. Until 2017, because I’m aiming my sight at a giant bowl of red or green curry.


  1. Get over my fear of highway driving

I Would rather take a 10-minute trip and do it in 25 or 30. But this year, I’m vowing to just take control of my emotions and calm my merging anxiety.


  1. Wear my hair out more

I have thick kinky afro hair (4c). I hate the work that goes into it but when I get it right  I love my hair, especially now after figuring how to keep it nice and moisturized. So, come summer I want to wear this bad boy out.



  1. Find a great above knee denim skirt ✔

When I saw this picture, it was game over.  Last year, my goal was to wear more causal skirts and boy it has been an adventure. From the time, I ripped one after getting out of a meeting, to the super cute ones, I’ve obtained, skirts are now my wardrobe staples. I’ve been scouting eBay for a nice denim skirt in the same wash. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we’ll be united this year.


Geneva Vanderzeil from apairandaspare

My best reads of 2016

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2016 was the year I decided to read more.My younger sister is the kind weirdo that can devour a book in a day, like a mental word goblin.But, Not I. At times,  a book takes me  3 or 4 days  to read, depending on the book’s length and my laziness levels that week.So , to challenge myself, I set out to read 12 books and almost reached my goal. But, To make up for my crippling failure, this year I increased  the game to 2 books for a total of 24 in  2017. Here are a list of the books I read, along with my top five  favorite reads of 2016. Did you read any of these? And what were your favorite books of 2016 (or all time favorites)?  I’m always looking for recommendations, so do comment some of your favs. Happy reading.

1.  Girl at War-Sarah Novic

2. Stoner-John Williams

3. Our souls at night-Kent Haruf

4. Girl with the pearl earrings-Tracy Chevalier

5 Girl on the train-Paula Hawkins

6. A man called Ove-Fredrik Backman

7. Everyone’s hanging out without me-My BFF(I wish) Mindy kaling

8. Persepolis 1+2-Marjane Satrapi

9.The Book Thief (Forgot I read, it was amazing)

10.Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps-Kelly Browm

11.I failed and did read an eleventh

12. or twelfth, But it’s ok that life, that life

 Best 5

(Order does not display more favoritism , I share the love equally)

1. A man called Ove-Fredrik Backman


 I adored this book. Between Ove’s delightful hate for people and his hidden compassion, I enjoyed it. Somehow, watching Ove’s growth from losing everything and wanting to take his life, to finding some purpose through the people around him was a satisfying touch. I found myself laughing, shedding a tear and clinging on to these pages.


2.Girl with a pearl Earring-Tracy Chevalier


I caught myself grinning in the middle of publicly folding my clothes at the Landry mat today. Why? This book. That’s how much I enjoyed it. It’s quite a simple book, but it had a lasting impression. I enjoyed Griet’s character’s fight for survival. She comes from a family of nothing yet has to do everything she must to cope with her new life. In addition, something about the relationship between her and Vermeer’s character was fascinating. Mostly because the meaning of the relationship was completely different when views from each side. I’m not going to spoil anything, but it was one of my favs that drove me to write this post.

3. Girl on the train-Paula Hawkins


Aka the book everyone and their mother read. I hate plunging into mainstream things. Why do it, when there are other things that are better. But, I sucked it up and devoured this book. I sneaked under my covers, flipping pages after pages, while having to tell myself to breath and control my squeals. Once a year, I have this craving to read a good mystery and this hit the spot. I can usually tell the who, but this kept me in the dark till the very middle or so. I guess sometimes you have to dive into the mainstream pit and I liked the fall.

4.Stoner-John William



The tone of this book is spot with the cover. It was a slow moving, but once you pass the background info, it’s one that you’ll remember for a very long time. The recommendation came from my ethic literature professor, a year ago, despite having other projects and stuff to complete, I gave it a go. This follows William stoner, a farm boy who finds himself falling in love with literature. So, he become a professor, settles down and we the reader follow his so called “Unfulfilling life”, from his failed marriage and relationship with his daughter, along with an affair. The author forces you to ask yourself, did this man live a good like? The take way for me, reflects on life and how depending on the path we take we at times spend it feeling unfulfilled. But despite our failures and emptiness, does that mean we stilled lived fulfilled life in the end?

5. Girl at war-Sarah Novic


This was also a read from my ethic literature class. The identity struggle of the main character pulls you into the book. Torn between the girl she is and the one she was, she fails to realize that old girl is her now, despite the memories she tried to bury.