As time goes by

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For as long as I could remember, I recall the ages of 6-8 lasting a really long time. To a naïve little girl like me, this meant a year felt like a decade. These times were spent , riding bikes in the island, eating good food , contemplating when I would be a full on adult and get to do  adult things like wear a bra and grow things called boobs. Every time I recall those thoughts, I’m tempted to step into my imaginary time machine and shake some sense into my 7 year old self because being an adult is not fun. At twenty, this comes with perfect timing because last year I began to grasp just how much time is flying by. Like all famous dead or currently living people have stated, “Time is money”. Maybe not physical money, but it’s a precious thing. When you runout, there is not store, which you go to refill it. You’re done. Yesterday, I was doing the usual Sunday scroll through, when one of my post cards showed up. Long story short about almost a year ago ish, in march, I sent three postcards in and 2/3 have been featured (Go check out post secrets and see if you can find it.)But  this new awakening in the speed of time, woke me up into really investing my time into things that will benefit me  in the long run. This means not wasting time on law and order marathons for 4 hours on a Saturday, or just by doing nothing. Instead, I’m going to take this time I’ve been given to learn and just focus on pursuing things that make me feel content. In addition, I also want get uncomfortable and do a couple things that may scare me, but will promote personal growth. In the end, it’s just one life I’ve been given and I refuse to waste it and just give it my all


How to start learning spanish part 2-Grammar

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Now that you’re enjoying the wonderful sound of the Spanish language, it’s time to talk about the big G. Grammar is essential.When learning a language at an earlier age, it’s not a big fuss, but learning later makes this big G even more important. Through grammar, you will master the art of words and can dazzle people by writing sweet notes to them, in another language.Here are my two recommendations.

  • Easy spanish step by step by Barbara Bregstein-I adore this book, I use it on the bus, and love the ton of practice that comes with all the lessons.It teaches you the basics, from your yo, tu and el subject pronouns, to the reflexive verbs, along with expressing the past.Most of all, I love how in the end of each chapter, there is this giant paragraph that enables me to understand the grammar and learn vocab.Ademas, those stories are quite entertaining.I purchased it on ebay for $8 or $9 including shipping and there are no regrets.


  • Practice makes makes perfect spanish, verb tenses 2nd edition by Dorothy Richmond-I’ve scrolled through this book , as a member of the spanish chat I’m in, recommended it (wait, I’ll share the link in pt 4 or 5). It’s pretty much the same thing as easy spanish, pero less lessons in the end.Best of all, it’s free and you just have to google it and find a free pdf.But, I love a physical copy because I get to make corrections and take notes.


Stay tuned for part 3, Watching spanish content

How to start learning spanish.Part 1-Listening

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At some point, we’ve all played ourselves with the I can’t wait to start learning _____ , only to give up sooner or later. Maybe that was you, or you’re the other person, who has no idea where to begin. Well, I’ll be your guide. So, chill, no need to run out and purchase Rosetta stone because most of these tools are completely free and most importantly, effective. I’ve been learning spanish since summer 2016 and It’s been fun. No, I’m not crazy, it really has been. I can now have conversations with natives, read signs and words from stores, bus ads, and most of all, I can jam to reggaetón, while pulling out my sweet moves and learning new words at the same time.

1. Listening

Let’s start at the beginning, a good perfect place to start. ♫♫♫

Listening is key, it familiarizes you with the language and it helps you understand proper pronunciation and flow. This is how I kicked started my journey into Spanish and It’s still a big chunk of how I learn

  • Pimsleur-This is a 3 level program with some bonus lessons after level 3. Each level has 30 lessons, lasting 30 minutes each. They lesson start with a 1 minute conversation that repeats itself a second time. After that it’s one giant conversation with the words that was in the first conversation the time you get to the end, if you did not get the first conversion, you will have by the end. I still remember listening to level 1 lesson and being shaken at the fact I could not understand a thing, but towards the end, I blew myself away, I could. I’m currently on the last level and have 4 lessons left , yahhhhhh. The only downside to this program is cost, but, but, but if you have good internet detective skills you can easily find all three lessons ;D. (CLUE: argggggggg)
  •  Notes in Spanish-This is free and it’s a podcast type thing where these two lovely humans named Ben and Marina just talk to each other and teach us words through telling us about their city, Madrid and their lives. On this program, you will hear talks about the weather, vacations and they even help us with the tough stuff like figuring out when to use por or para. There are beginner, intermediate and advance conversations, so everyone is catered to.
  • Music-This is one of my favorite ways to learn. I recommend listening to Marc Anthony first, as he talks at a good pace and you’ll learn alot of vocab through his songs, along with pronunciations. Some of my favorite cancions from him are vivir mi vida, valio la pena and tu amor me hacer bien.I mostly listen to the lyric videos , so I can follow the words and pronunciations. Then, listen to the some Shakira and Maluma.They speak slightly faster, but their songs are great.Maluma’s el perdedor (loser) and Borro Cassete ( erased cassete) are my current ear worms. I almost forgot this, but I love Putumayo music.They are this international music company that share music from all cultures. You can find tons of music from them on youtube.I highly recommend dancing to the Latin party album, the Colombian mix (I love me some Cumbia), and one of my favs the Cuba album.But I love them all and you too will find yourself busting out some moves.
    Stay tuned for part 2 -Grammar