How to start learning spanish part 2-Grammar

Now that you’re enjoying the wonderful sound of the Spanish language, it’s time to talk about the big G. Grammar is essential.When learning a language at an earlier age, it’s not a big fuss, but learning later makes this big G even more important. Through grammar, you will master the art of words and can dazzle people by writing sweet notes to them, in another language.Here are my two recommendations.

  • Easy spanish step by step by Barbara Bregstein-I adore this book, I use it on the bus, and love the ton of practice that comes with all the lessons.It teaches you the basics, from your yo, tu and el subject pronouns, to the reflexive verbs, along with expressing the past.Most of all, I love how in the end of each chapter, there is this giant paragraph that enables me to understand the grammar and learn vocab.Ademas, those stories are quite entertaining.I purchased it on ebay for $8 or $9 including shipping and there are no regrets.


  • Practice makes makes perfect spanish, verb tenses 2nd edition by Dorothy Richmond-I’ve scrolled through this book , as a member of the spanish chat I’m in, recommended it (wait, I’ll share the link in pt 4 or 5). It’s pretty much the same thing as easy spanish, pero less lessons in the end.Best of all, it’s free and you just have to google it and find a free pdf.But, I love a physical copy because I get to make corrections and take notes.


Stay tuned for part 3, Watching spanish content


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